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We are a small family operation with two female dogs that we breed for puppies. We got into poodles a number of years ago when we purchased a poodle service dog for my special needs child. That dog has since passed away and we replaced him with the mother of this litter, because my son wanted a red poodle. This time we did not get a service dog, because we felt like he was past the point of needing one and would benefit from helping to raise the dog and train it himself. We decided to start raising a few puppies in hopes to start a business that he could participate in since he will probably not ever live independently. We have now been raising poodles and doodles for four years and have all enjoyed it immensely.  All of the puppies are well socialized and raised in our home. My children play with them every day. 
Because of the very high demand and rare red color, the prices vary according to color.  A $500 deposit will secure a puppy for you. Shipping will be an additional fee.
Puppies will be ready for pick up during the first week of March
Please feel free to email or text me with any further questions!
Amanda Lancaster

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